ORBITA Corporation
It's Time to Get Wound Up!

My wife, Evelyn, gave me a gold Rolex® wristwatch as a gift to celebrate my 60th birthday and my retirement. Great look, great feel, but if I didn't wear it for a few days, it stopped running. I repeatedly had to reset it for the correct time, day and date. That was annoying, so I invented a device to keep it wound when I wasn't wearing it. It worked quite well, so, postponing retirement, I decided to start a company and began making watchwinders. Now, several years later, from our headquarters in Wilmington, NC, we are shipping Orbita watchwinders all over the world. Orbita has become the international leader in watchwinding technology. If you'd like to keep your own fine automatic watch(es) always fully wound and properly "exercised," why not try one of our watchwinders. We build them in several models and styles for winding 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 16, 28 or even 40 watches. Most of our winders are fully programmable and operate on AC or batteries. They all come with a two-year guarantee and a 30-day trial period. We also offer a low-cost three-year extension warranty on most models. Why not order your own watchwinder today? Chuck Agnoff - Founder and President, Orbita Corporation